TRAPHAUS ® is a Limited Liability Company, established in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA on May 7th, 2016. Independently owned, operated, & producing under "TRAPHAUS, LLC / USA ®". Since the brand's establishment in 2016, it has periodically become a minimalistic, but bold symbol of streetwear fashion.

The TRAPHAUS ® brand focuses on minimalistic designs, textiles & manipulation. Using quality products of our environment, it has provided consumers with AFFORDABLE, quality clothing & products which have become a preferred choice in streetwear fashion. 

Catering to streetwear fashion for years, TRAPHAUS ® is more than just a brand. Representing hard workers & people from all walks of life, TRAPHAUS ® was created to identify the aspect of Hustling & Entrepreneurship. Which perfectly explains the brand's "A Community & Way Of Life." moniker.

TRAPHAUS USA ® has been known to create or creative direct successful collaborations with local businesses, established artist(s) reputable models, & influencers across the USA. Collaborations are recognized as creative expressions, genre less but sometimes powered by social awareness; not limited to fashion and apparel categories only.